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Minnesota Worker's Compensation Laws

Injuries and illnesses that result from your job duties or work environment are covered by Minnesota workers’ compensation laws, exceptions are injuries resulting from self-intoxication, self-inflicted injuries, and injuries resulting from attacks by others.
To receive compensation for healthcare, disability, lost wages, and occupational retraining under Minnesota's workers’ compensation laws, you must report your work injuries to your employer as soon as possible after the accident. Your employer should then file a claim with their insurance provider so that the compensation will be paid to you. You are not required to prove that the employer is at fault in order to receive workers’ compensation.
If you are injured on the job
1.    Inform your supervisor of the injury immediately. Your rights may become jeopardized if you do not report the injury within certain deadlines.
2.    Get medical attention immediately. Then inform your employer of your medical condition and planned date of return.
3.    Your employer must file a First Report of Injury, expect a copy from the insurance provider.
4.    Compensations will be paid, or denied within 14 days.

What Compensations are you entitled to?

You will be compensated according to the severity of your injury and the amount of time you are away from work. At a minimum, all reasonable medical bills will be covered.

If you temporarily miss work
:  You will receive two-thirds of your lost wages for up to 130 weeks. This is called Temporary Total Disability (TTD), this begins if you miss more than three days of work. The current maximum for compensation is $850 per week.

If you return to work at a lower wage
: You will receive two-thirds of the difference between your previous wage and new wage for up to 225 weeks.

If your injury is permanent
: You will receive Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) payments according to the disability rating assigned by your physician.

If you can never return to work: You will receive two-thirds of your weekly wages with a minimum of 65 percent of the statewide average weekly wage. This is called Permanent Total Disability (PTD), this benefit is capped at the same limit as Temporary Total Disability benefits, but is reduced by any social security disability benefits.

If a worker is killed on the job
: His or her dependents may also be eligible for wage-loss, burial expense compensation, and other compensation. There is a minimum death compensation of $60,000.

If you require rehabilitation: First have your doctor document any work restrictions you might have. Your employer should work with you to find a job that fits those restrictions and pays close to your old wage. In some cases, you may need vocational rehabilitation to assist you in returning to work. You may be entitled to retraining.

What if my claim is contested?
Your employer’s insurance provider may refuse to pay by disputing the severity of your injury or by contesting that it was job-related. An employer may try to stop you from filing your claim, or try to retaliate if you do. It is possible that your employer might not even have workers’ comp insurance.
What can you do?
1.    If you are already represented, call your attorney and follow his or her advice.
2.    If you do not have representation, contact the claims adjuster.
3.     Regularly visit your physician and discuss treatment choices and any job restrictions.
4.    Save copies of all letters, forms, compensation checks and medical bills.
5.    Save notes of phone conversations.
6.    Keep your employer informed on your progress and plans to return to work.

If you need representation, seek help from one of our experienced workers’ comp attorneys. They will help you through the process to:
•    Document the cause and extent of your job-related health problem
•    Deal with your employer and their insurance provider
•    Prepare for arbitration and other proceedings
•    Collect all of the compensation that you deserve


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