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Dog Bites

A dog bite or attack can be a terrible event that results in serious injury. Pet owners have a legal responsibility to control their pets and are liable if those pets get out of control and injure someone. Minnesota has a strict liability dog bite statute. This statute covers both bites and other animal-caused injuries, and applies not only to the owner of the attacking dog but also to any person who shelters the dog.

Scarring or disfigurement is an emotional as well as physical injury. These injuries may require cosmetic surgery and ongoing treatment.  For children, cosmetic surgery may not be an option until they are done growing and bearing these scars might cause further emotional damage through their developmental years.

If a stray dog bites you, you have few legal options because your claim must be filed against a dog owner or handler.
If you or a loved one has been attacked by a pet, you may deserve compensation for your injuries from the pet's owner or boarder. 
An accident and injury lawyer from Krueger Law Firm may help you receive: medical treatment, emergency aid, hospitalization and ongoing medical care, future medical and cosmetic treatment, psychological trauma counseling, and lost wages.

Even if you were not bitten, but injured in any other way by a pet, the pet owner may be held responsible.

If you’ve been injured by a dog attack, you should seek legal counsel right away. An accident and injury lawyer from Krueger Law Firm will work hard help you seek the compensation you deserve.


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